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These kenzans are ideal for ikebana displays and western style flower arranging. The brass pins are strong enough for woody material, as well as soft green stems. Select the size that works best for your arrangement and place at the bottom of a vase or container. Then simply cut the flower stem to the desired length and impale the stem on the prong. This will help water enter the stem and extend the life of your flowers. There is a rubble under the Kenzan and will not damage the vase that you are using.
After you use, simple wash and take all flower stems and wood branches off the the pins. It the pin bended there are tools to fix them.  
Size 2.5 x 3.5 inches
Made in Japan


1) First trim the stems - It is very important when you received the
flower box, always cut your flowers at an angle so they can absorb
more water & won't suffocate on the bottom of the vase. After the
initial cut, check the bottoms of your stems every couple of days,
and if the ends are looking a bit slimy, just snip off an inch or so.
2) Remove Leaves - Take off any excess leaves so that all the water is
funneled into the petals. But please keep one to two top leafs. Pay
special attention to leaves below the water line because they'll
decompose, causing rot and bacteria to grow, which will shorten the
lifespan of your blooms.
3) Find a Vase - You may have noticed your flowers no longer have
roots, and that they're not in soil. Bet they're thirsty! Time to put them
in your favorite vase with some fresh deep water and change the
water every day.
4) Remove Spent Blooms - Any flowers that are past their prime
release ethylene gas which will age the flowers around them. Remove
any flowers that are beginning to wilt to keep the rest of your bouquet
fresh and happy.
5) Keep Them Cool - Last but not least, keep your flowers in a cool
area. Don't put them in the sun, near radiators, computers, televisions,
fireplaces, ovens... you get the idea.

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